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This blog is actually being posted for my friend, Ron.  It seems that in sending the hardcopy curriculum to him for a class, one of the CDs for session 8 was scratched.   How does that happen exactly?  Although I am grateful for technology and its many methods of opening doors for each of us, I am now certain that I will never understand it all…. Oh well.

Ron, here is session 8, in two parts.  I realize one of these is unnecessary, but I thought, “Hey what if someone else sees the blog, and wants to listen to the session?  Half a session is not as good as the whole thing — (Although session 8 is the wrap up of an entire class).  It might be helpful to someone anyway — so here it is.  The theme of the class is “How Does Growth Actually Happen in us?”  We were utilizing all the elements taught in the prior 7 sessions.  As you listen, realize that each of the elements being discussed (because this was the wrap up, it was a class discussion) had been previously addressed pretty thoroughly …. The first recording is 67 minutes long, and the second is almost as long….

Identity Formation — Session 8, first half

Identity Formation — Session 8, last half

 If you want the entire class, it is available on lulu.com; and will be on Amazon by January, 2011.  Those who will use it in Ron’s setting (Covenant Theological Seminary), will also have other reading, assignments, and an exam…

All that being said…. if you do listen, I’d love your feedback!!



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