This song is from the God of Miracles CD.  It came as a result of losing our third baby (pregnancy), before the birth of our first daughter, Rachel, some 27 years ago.  The title is based on a book written by Jack W. Hayford, our pastor. Over the years, it has ministered to many who have experienced the short-circuiting of a child’s life, and the subsequent pain that results from that circumstance.

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So many of you have asked about more instrumental music.  Thank you so much for the encouragement.  These songs are all part of recording projects that are available.  This one is from our first instrumental album: “Rest in the River.”   I pray it will be a blessing to you.

This was our first instrumental… originally designed to help with background music while we were praying with people for healing, etc…. I found I couldn’t pray and play at the same time… go figure…lol 

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Hello everyone. Here is the third post.  This song is part of a collection we did called “Healing in the River.”  If there is interest, I will post the entire collection for download somewhere…. Actually, I did a series of “in the River” instrumentals.  This cut is from the most recent one.

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God of Miracles

Today, I am posting three worship songs to my blog in mp3 format…. This song is the second one.


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Breathe in the Glory

Hello everyone.  Today, I am trying an experiment. 

Today, I am posting three worship songs to my blog in mp3 format…. This song is the first one.


It will not only be available here on wordpress, but also on facebook.  Feel free to listen, download, share and enjoy — if you decide to use it for profit; you’ll need to contact me…. Blessings.

new seasons

Why does change have to be a part of the growth process?  I mean, I’m not usually a complainer, but this time I just have to say something to somebody.  Why can’t the good things just stay the same, and have it be the bad things that change in our lives?   That would be such a better deal.  And yes, I realize that if I keep heading towards this line of thought I will end up in a pity-party…. so we won’t go there…. but really!

It really shouldn’t be such a big deal, I tell myself…. Other people have done it — other parents do it all the time.    You see, we are in the midst of taking our youngest child to college.  Where did the time go?

 The baby. The caboose.

It feels like a final chapter in a book; like the last day of summer; like the beginning of a sunset….. 

I know…  I will never homeschool her again.  Or remind her to clean her room. Or, complain because her belongings have overtaken the living room…. Or, help her find her keys…. Or, inform her of her responsibilities…..

At least not as her mother, persay —

Now we begin a season of deeper friendship…. of coaching when needed and requested…. of more prayer and less…. less… less what? 

I’m not sure yet; this is new ground.

An old friend met us at the airport; coming with new friends….. She was glowing; excited; smiling and alive; looking forward with anticipation and hope;  we all sat laughing together at Starbucks….

I watched and pondered her for a moment.

Is she really so close to womanhood?  How did this happen?

These thoughts have come unbidden.  They overtake me.

After all, her oldest sister is married now…. we went through this; didn’t we?  Didn’t I learn some of this … before?….  I remember some of this ground, I think, but it still feels like completely new territory…

Why am I surprised?  I suppose because I thought this was a learned lesson; a notch in the belt, if you will. 

Learning to let go is hardest the first time, they say…. so why is there a lump in my throat?  This would be my third..

In my heart of hearts, I’m thrilled she has chosen to obey God.  I know she is destined for a purpose. I have prayed for her.  I have sought God and felt Him speak to me.   

It’s just that…. well…. I didn’t think this would happen so soon.  You know?   

I should have been ready for it — this emotional waterfall…. And yes, she’s gone on short term trips overseas in the past.  Yes, she took a year off after high school.  Yes, she is almost twenty — but don’t you understand?  Sbe’s the last one…. Can’ t life just stay the same?

And then, the light of the Holy Spirit breaks in on my fears.  “Let go,” He says gently.  “Trust me. I have only good plans for her life.”

“Okay, Lord,” I say. “You’re sure you got her?”

It’s like He’s smiling at me.  Really, daughter?

Okay, Lord.  Really.

Sorry, Lord.  You do a much better job.  You have no unknowns.  You are the Perfect Parent.

Creator… Builder of Persons…Designer… Author of all good gifts…. and relationships.

In retrospect, I have learned so much from my children.  In their own unique ways, each of the three have taught me about what it means to live; I mean, really live; what life means. 

Life.  Energetic, fun-loving, full of adventure; each child is unique in a different way. 

Our oldest: She is strong, adventurous, uncompromising and creative, 

Our second: She is strong, bubbly, energetic,  and adapting.

This one? She is also strong, quick, graceful and perceptive. She said something that shook me today. “Mom, it wouldn’t be so hard to leave home if I hated it here.  But it’s a great environment. I hate to leave.  I just know I have to. It’s time.”  When did she become so strong and assured…. confident?

Did I tell you our girls are strong?  They will need to be as strong as the sturdy oak, in order to hold to their values in the fiercely fluctuating winds of our times.  They each have a calling from God …. as do we all…. They each have a sense of personal purpose … as should we all….  Older now, I am thankful they each have more energy than I.

But I have loved this season.  Are you sure it has be time for a change, Lord?

Again, this sense of Peace overwhelms me.

Okay.  (Thanks for being patient with me while I get this, Lord. I’m so glad that Patience was Your idea….. lol)

Isn’t the ability of the Creator to create uniquely different, altogether complete, Personhood, in each of us, an amazing thing? Jeremiah, the prophet of old, wrote that God calls each of us to our destiny, while we are still within our mother’s womb.  The psalmist, David, wrote that we are each “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  He said that God knows and sees each of us, and even the things about ourselves we think should be hidden away, are precious to Him;

That God follows and pursues us for relationship. 

He not only loves us; that in itself is amazing — (that the Almighty God; the Creator and Redeemer of heaven and earth;  that He would love me….warts and all!)

But He goes further… He not only loves me — and you — But He likes us as well.

Everything good comes from Him; His composite Nature is goodness and grace… He is not the Author of the bad. He has good plans. He is trustworthy – the Author of the trust concept.  He is faithful. 

Oh yes, I remember that now.   In the midst of my painful dissertations with my soul; in the midst of my debate about just why it is we need to follow-through with His direction and plan; I remember.

Oh, I get it now.  I really can’t look back over my shoulder at what was … unless I intend to give Him thanks.  And if I can’t give thanks, I’m stuck in that place of looking back.  But when Resolved, I need to press forward, to move on toward the high calling in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13)… to pursue Him for the reasons as to why He rescued my life from destruction…. Looking to the future; Embracing the past; Discovering fresh Purpose; Taking more time to listen.

Hopefully, I will “get it” quicker now that I have more life experiences logged in my journey with Him. 

He has plans for me too.

Bill and I are more comforting towards each other these days — we are both in the midst of a learning experience; one that won’t have words for awhile yet… probably because we don’t yet consciously grasp what we are learning ….

Thanks for listening, dear reader. You are helping me to sort out the nitty gritty issues this morning… much earlier than I planned.

I don’t want to travel through life looking over my shoulder; regretting what might have been; wishing for more; somehow discontented with the process…. I need to look ahead, and “square up to the plate.”  I want to learn these lessons well.  After all, anyone who walks down the road looking backward is terribly distracted; they definitely will miss the scenery.

And therein is the lesson. Why would I want my children to live that way?  I wouldn’t.

Thanks, Lord.  I wouldn’t want this any other way.

Be blessed, baby.  Your dad and I will always be here; but for this new season? 

God’s got you. And He really does do a good job.  All the time.


(c) 2010

What an exciting day!  “Journey” is a reality!!  …. The biblical novel I have been working on the for last 8 years is in print, ready for distribution!   This morning, we discovered it on amazon.com, as well as several other online sites.  I am so thankful for Advantage books, specifically for Mike and Karyn Janiczek; I hope my small offering helps to enlarge their publishing endeavors …  Their company really does need to be a household name — like Tyndale, or Word…. I am also so very humbled and thankful for the many friends who donated funds to help make the book a reality — I have learned many lessons this year about the need for community…. What a blessing!

If you would like to see the book, it is available on amazon.com here.

Here is a little more information;

From the back cover —

Everyone loves a story; some we love because they make us laugh; some because they make us cry, touching our pain.
Everyone has a story. Many are untold. Some we remember for opening doors, presenting keys for adventure and discovery.

Some stories are true; some are not. Based on actual events, this story weaves a riveting account; drawing readers in, captivating our attention, making us part of the plot action.
Journey is the historical biography of the life of a young, courageous woman named Mary. Based on more than eight years of painstaking research, the author has drawn from more than fifty sources and a trip to Israel in order to bring actual Biblical events to life. Drawing from the lessons and stories of those she has helped in her counseling practice, the author paints a compelling portrayal of what it meant to live in ancient times.

Here are reviews from some of those who have read the book already… and let me just say in advance, ” thanks for listening….”

“Journey is a good read, with wonderful characterization, and a riveting plot. It makes the times and people come to life. The interesting thing is that the reader finds oneself identifying with the struggles and questions of the people – as though they are us.”(Sharon N.)


“When I was reading Debbye’s book, I felt like I had been picked up and placed into the lives of the people who lived in Bible times. As I read, I realized that a lot of women, who have not been nurtured from an early age, feel the things that Mary Magdalene felt. I identified with her feelings. During one scene in particular, I felt the Presence of God draw close to me, bringing personal healing. It was a personal visitation because of the picture painted of Jesus’ ministry. I remember weeping for a long time, and emerging with a sense of healing. At another point during the book, I experienced being strengthened and empowered by the Lord; to accept the freedom to become the woman I was created to become; not afraid of the culture or of other people’s reactions and words.” (Dianne T.)

“I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a good read, with a good story line. I loved the richness of the culture, customs and history. It was all so interesting and informative!” (Jean R.)


“This story offers a number of benefits as it weaves history, healing and spiritual truths into its pages. I have gained valuable insight into the way that living a life in Jesus brings healing to the soul. I have been blessed and changed from reading it.” (Jill B.)


“I love reading stories about real people. Journey made Jesus real to me. Reading this book has helped me to understand God better.”(Carol J.)


“To whom it may concern:

“I have had the privilege to read Journey by Debbye Graafsma. I found it to be a compelling read. The following is an attempt to explain why I found this book to be so enjoyable. The first requirement I have when I read fiction, is that I must care about the characters. Debbye achieved this by presenting characters who were believable, who had depth, and to whom the average person can relate.

“She allowed you into their lives, warts and all. By doing so, the reader can identify with the characters and care about what happens to them. Another unique aspect of the book was the fact that the culture and architecture was so accurately and vividly portrayed. The reader could envision walking the streets as they existed in Biblical times.

“The discussion of business transactions was also very interesting. The caravans transporting goods, the purchase of linens and cloth, operation of vineyards, the presence of spas – all provided further insight into how people lived and earned money.

“To me, the most unique aspect of this book was how the common people reacted to Jesus. What they thought of Him; How they reacted to Him. This is evidenced by the description of how Jesus delivered Mary of the demons. This sequence was so vivid and moving that it brought tears to my eyes. Also, Mary’s anointing of Jesus’ feet with oil and wiping them with her hair was very moving.

“The portrayal of Simon the Pharisee gave me, for the first time, a clear picture of the mindset of the religious leaders at the time of Jesus’ ministry. I have a better understanding of why the religious leaders wanted to crucify Jesus.

“I am confident that Journey will minister to its readers. I believe both male and female readers would enjoy this book. It will minister to whoever reads it.” (Thomas R.)


Friday night is date night; has been that way for over thirty years now.  Each week, Bill and I will retreat into the niche we have carved out in our marriage — and spend a few hours together, just being together.  There have been moments, like our twentieth wedding anniversary, when we had no money, and sat in the car at Taco Bell. We found ourselves thankful for small things.  Some Fridays, we go out to eat; sometimes, we sit on our deck; sometimes, we take a day trip…. The point is that Friday is a hallowed time — set apart for our relationship.  We lay aside our responsibilities. We get to remember why we got together in the first place….

I love that time…. mostly because we both guard it so fiercely….

Over the years, if we miss one, we always make it up…..

All that being said, this week’s date was a movie.  It’s been hot lately, so we opted for an afternoon matinee and a pizza joint closeby.  (Pizza is no good unless it comes in huge by-the-slice pieces, and is served with a New York accent, we’ve discovered.)  The movie?  We went to see the remake of “The Karate Kid.”  Now, I’m not a movie critic; nor would I want to be.  And, I have a difficult time watching movies that are remakes of old favorites — it’s like watching Jack Black try to be Humphrey Bogart.  That image just might ruin “Casablanca” for me forever…  You just can’t replace the original.  

But I loved this movie… not because it was done “better,” or because it was “more relevant.”  It’s presentation and setting were unique and different.  And yes, I know, it should have been titled “The Kung Fu Kid.”  I don’t care. I loved it because it brought me to a personal discovery; one that I will know the Lord will be working on for some time into the future with me.  I found myself weeping through the beginning parts of the movie; so much so, that my husband reached over and gently touched my hand. “Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded, even though I couldn’t quite put into words what what happening within my own soul. 

“Was this the wrong movie?” he asked, with a smile.

I shook my head. “No,” I answered. “I’m okay. But, I might need to get out of here for a minute.” 

Fight or Flight had kicked in.

But I stayed.  I was fascinated by the storyline.  As I continued to watch the account unfold, I made some discoveries.  As a missionary’s child, like the boy in the story, I too, had been the “new kid” in a foreign culture.  My parents changed countries and cultures several times during my “in the nest” years. And, in each new place, I had been the “different” child, who had needed to learn the unspoken rules. 

And, while I hadn’t been required to learn a new spoken language (I was in Australia and England growing up), there had been a complete encyclopedia of cultural expectations I found myself unable to decipher. Handicapped by my young age, and lack of ability to communicate, I dealt with one bullying situation after another; even when we returned to the United States.

A lot is being said about bullies these days; from movies like “Mean Girls,” to classic texts like “Raising Cain” and “Saving Ophelia.”  It seems that the violence so prevalent in our culture, is trickling its way down into the playgrounds and classrooms, the living rooms and back yards of our nation. It never used to be the case, but now it is a normal thing to see a four year-old enrolled in karate, or kung fu classes.  When I ask a parent “why,”… the answer?  “He has to know how to defend himself.” 

There was a day when we encouraged our children to take care of those who were weaker than themselves; to look out for the underdog; to stand against the bullies…..  I have had clients; eleven and twelve years of age, mind you, who find it difficult to find a reason to go to school in the morning; who have discerned the world to be an unforgiving place in their childhood — when everything should be about the fun of discovery.

Not survival.  And how well we have all learned the meaning of that word — survival.

Fear and intimidation are terrible things, especially in one’s childhood; especially in one’s adolescence; especially in one’s adulthood. 

And, although they began in Eden’s Garden long ago, they have maintained their continuum through the ages. Satan’s goal has always been to use hierarchy, false authority, and manipulation in his process of bringing death and destruction.  I have seen the effects of bullying; emotional and physical; on all kinds of people over the years.

It’s funny how a person who thinks they are “just expressing themselves,” will fail to see the effects of their selfishness and bullying nature on those around them. Or, how a child who has learned to cover his insecurities will grow into a man who abuses; bullying others to keep him happy.  Or how a student, who struggles with feeling intelligent will take it out on those students around him who understand the materials. Having been the underdog, I now find myself seeking to serve as one who can throw a rope. 

As believers, God calls us to help one another; to serve one another, to turn the other cheek  — but not at the loss of our own identities.  Dear reader, never let Fear or Intimidation keep you from becoming the man or woman God has called you to become…. stand up against that Inner Bully — speak the Word of God — stand on the Truth —

Do what I am doing; at 53. 

Let yourself heal. Find a safe place; a group of safe people — and choose to open your heart.

Injury was never part of the original Design…. but Healing is part of the Divine Solution. The Fear didn’t come from God.

“God has not given us a spirit of Fear (timidity); but of power, love, and of a sound mind.”  II Timothy 1:7


oil spills

“If you think of this world as a place intended simply for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable: think of it as a place of training and correction and it’s not so bad.” – CS Lewis, (God in the Dock)

Six dolphins washed up on the Louisiana shore this week … Hundreds of egrets and pelicans had to be decontaminated, to prevent suffocation. The BP oil spill has reached the shores… The news has shown photographs of dragonflies trying to clean sticky tar from their wings.  For most of the animals, the environment has become toxic, closing off the ability to breathe. The oily film on the top of our Gulf Waters has become a coating on everything surfacing from the depths below; a coating that must be cleansed off for life to continue.

There is an element alive in the Western Church these days. Like the oil spill, it has filtered into the wetlands of our lives, contaminating every part of our culture.  It has soaked into those things in us that would fly, seeking to forever hinder our abilities to experience the Living God on a healthy level.

It is called functional atheism. I had never heard the term until today.  It marks a discovery for me.

As believers in Jesus Christ, none of us would ever admit to atheism.  Outside the circles of the church, those who do profess to be atheists, are those who refuse to believe in God; or admit God into their inner life workings.  And, many of those I know who do hold to atheism, do so because of injuries received through the hands of those who call themselves believers.  Those believers many times have been living in “functional atheism” themselves.

Simply put, functional atheism is the “unconscious, unexamined conviction that if anything decent is going to happen here on earth, we are the ones who must make it happen.” Sadly, it is pathology, if you will, that eventuates in burnout, depression, and despair.

It is a mindset that has been taught to us in the Western church from childhood.  It says we must work to make God happy.  It teaches that the bottom-line of what we do in our Christian walk, we do in order to gain favor, or recognition.  We must strive to make God happy… …as if God is unhappy with us from the beginning, and we must somehow convince Him to like us.

Functional atheism is a mindset that says “I must do it all for God” – rather than with God, through God, and in God. It is task orientation.  Somehow, I am earning my place… God will reward my efforts if I work hard enough, long enough, do things right, and don’t give up.  By reason of sheer will, I will be recognized.  I will earn significance, increase my value, and earn my spot.

And yet, the Scripture is clear that our sense of self, and our sense of adequacy must come within — from the Spirit of God, rather than from what we do.  Jesus taught that when we come to Him, we will never thirst again.  Something will happen inside of us that will become an everlasting spring of freshness, of vibrancy, of hope, of Life.  The Incarnation of His Life in us will cause change, work miracles, and affect growth in every level of our existence.

He desires to live His life in us.

But in our Western religious culture, because of our brokenness and task orientation, we have learned to leave God out of the equation.  Instead, we isolate first; and try to figure things out. Then, like a toddler’s scribbled crayon picture, we present our findings and our efforts to God.  “See what I did?” we say.  Inwardly, we expect Him to bless us.  If He doesn’t, we become disillusioned – our efforts were not good enough.  

Can any of us do things the way He would do them?  

We would never consciously call this atheism. 

But it is.

What we would never call it in words, we live out in function.

It is the act of leaving God out.

We trust ourselves first.

When serving Jesus is the center of our lives; when He is active in our core, we come to awareness that we cannot carry the whole load.  It was meant to be shared with others.

We come to the discovery that we were created for the purpose of relationship; not because we are supposed to perform a list of duties and tasks.  Our destiny is not about function.  It is about the Designer.

We learn we need community – not to work together (although that happens).  No, community occurs to help us to enjoy our lives.  Simply put, we need help with our growth and development – all of us do; no exceptions. Personally, I need help to grow out of my blind-spots. I need encouragement when I become task focused.  I need friends and family… and they need me.

And when a leader is healthy, they will lead differently. Leading programs and projects become part of getting the people done, rather than the other way around … (using people to get the projects done)…. The point of the exercise is to grow the people, equip the people, heal the people, rather than grow the structure, administrate the machine, or organize the program.

Growth in God becomes about sharing discoveries and growth points.  It also becomes fun.

Functional atheism destroys the concepts of having fun, enjoying God, or creative play.  It makes everything about work. “What am I doing for God?” becomes the daily theme… Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in work; (sometimes too much…) The point is that my life needs to flow from the Life-Source rather than from my own resources.

When things flow from my own resources, I leave God out. My daily function becomes devoid of His life, and full of my own.  You know what I mean, don’t you? We’ve all done it.  And, while I would never call myself an atheist, when I act and function that way – even in service for God – my functionality leaves Him out. 

My focus goes to my own design – rather than My Designer.

My strength is drawn from my own reservoir – rather than from The Well-spring.

My sense of purpose becomes centered in my tasks and achievements – rather than from just knowing Him, hearing Him, spending time.

In that task oriented place, I become the center of the orbit – it becomes about what I need, what I feel, what I think I need to do for God –

What makes us think we can earn this stuff? Or even begin pay it back? 

All that being said – it’s time we all let the Creator of Life help us with our personal oil spills….. What has exploded in your life and left it’s residue on your ability to fly?  Has anything washed up on the shore lately?

Are you enjoying your walk with God?


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At church yesterday, someone was giving away fresh peaches.  A large box was placed by the door, filled to the brim with at least a bushel of the yummy fruits. “Our trees are full,” my friend said. “Please, take as many home as you like.” She and her husband had even brought shopping bags for the interested peach-lovers in our congregation. 

As people were heading towards their homes, (or lunch out), I noticed treasure collections of peach-filled bags in the hands of many. “Did you get some peaches?” my friend asked those who had forgotten.

“Oh! I forgot!” was the usual reply. “Thanks for bringing these.” Many made plans for their peaches — jam; pies; just peel-n-eat.

I love serving in ministry. Did I tell you that?  For the past thirty years, Bill and I have worked together as senior pastors; first in the north, and now in the southeast. We have learned and evolved over the years; relaxing a little somehow.  Hopefully we are a little wiser; stronger; more mature; hopefully we are just better.  In the process, our marriage has been through storms and summers. As our personal family has grown, so has our ministry style.  In fact, the years have solidified lessons about ministry, and my own approach to it. 

For my own part, I have decided it is more profitable to live on a learning curve.

I can’t give out what I haven’t received — so I have to stay open. To the Spirit of God, and to other people…

I can’t ask people to do what I am not willing to do myself — so I need to invest myself. Not living with an entitled mindset that “someone else will do it.”

I can’t carry the water of Life to others; in worship, the Word, or even in example, if I am empty. So it is vital that I hear Jesus speak to my heart continually.  Manna is good; day-old bread, not-so-much.

Most importantly, ministry is my job. It is not my relationship with Jesus.  If and when I confuse the two, trading one for the other, a terrible treadmill is the result; a trap whose lure is success and man’s approval — a tendency towards contemporary trends and relativism.  No, Jesus and I must meet and discuss my heart attitudes, the development of my personhood, my discipleship.  Jesus and I must meet and explore what it means to be a human being, rather than a human doing.  Without that daily meeting with the Spirit of the Living God, I cannot find substance or depth. Nor will I be able to live my days with passion for Him.

My life with God should be about my loving God — not about duty…..

In the early days, Bill and I were sitting in a Denny’s restaurant, studying for exams in our pastoral epistles class. (Thanks, Jim and Jean Hodges!!)  We weren’t married yet; or even engaged. We were just study partners. We were talking about I Timothy 3, and what the office of a bishop/pastor would look like.  In our conversation, we came to some conclusions. For a minister to have his home “in order,” the instruction was not discussing the portrayal of an image, or a flawlessly spiritual existence.  It meant that the God-order of relationships had to rule the minister’s family; that we treat each other well — safely.  Without control, manipulation, domination, anger or strife.  It meant that we seek to out-serve each other, and seek to enter each other’s world, like Jesus did for His Bride. …

Practically put, I can’t give away what I don’t possess. If I haven’t mined it out for my own life, I can only describe it to others — I can’t take them there. 

When family comes before ministry, the result is healthy living.   The God-example of the people before the machine comes into play. In my own understanding, this is the conduit God intends when He calls us.  He calls us to healing. There is no other way for our lives to become the pipeline Jesus wants us to become. 

 It means that my relationships within my family, and the life I am living at home, become the avenue through which ministry comes.  In priority and principle, it looks like this:  #1. Relationships before Tasks; #2. Take the time for the individual;  #3. Some tasks will take longer because of #1 and #2.

After thirty years of living our lives in ministry this way, I keep making discoveries of how well I love our church family.  And they have become our family; a community of safety; a Safe Haven.  

Hopefully, we are bearing good fruit.  I realize we won’t really know the end-results of our efforts until the end of days; sometimes, though it’s good to get a glimpse, just to encourage yourself.

“Mommy! Look at the peaches!” My dollhouse-toehead tugged on her mother’s pant leg.  “We need some!”  (If you want to know who she is, please see the blog entitled “Doll-house Toehead.”)

Her mother and I had been in the midst of a quick conversation.  You see, we head to court tomorrow.  We are seeking to rescue her from the effects of abuse; to create a safe place for a child who needs to relax in order to heal and grow.

In my heart, I hope we get a judge who listens. I hope we get a miracle for this little girl and her mother…. I hope.

In my heart, I give thanks that healing happens in the midst of community — mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters.  Learning what Jesus meant for our lives to look like when He put two “fruit-pickers” in a Eden’s Garden….. sharing the harvest fruit of our lives with one another; growing up into the image of Him, with roots going deep; people of substance and relationship.

Sounds peachy…. (sorry couldn’t resist!)  Blessings.